Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fuji City

Mukesh Williams

Fuji City is in Shizuoka Prefecture and is located on the banks of the scenic Fuji River. It is surrounded by Ashitaka mountain range with Mount Fuji sitting as a perfect jewel in its center. The spring water is really tasty here. The best thing about Fuji City is the rural countryside ambience with large stretches of tea gardens and a scenic view of Mount Fuji. During the Edo period, this was tenryo territory under the governance of the Tokugawa shogunate. There are lots of paper factories here including the famous Nippon Paper Industries. It is good to come in June, July or October to watch the Yoshiwara Gion, Festival, The Fuji Festival or the Karigane Festival.


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Fuji City, Japan said...

Mi Mukesh. I just came across your blog and wonderful poetry and was wondering if you're still around Fuji City. Would have loved to show you around. I'm a child of the diaspora, born in Trinidad & Tobago, now living in Japan. Would love to hear your thoughts on your time here.