Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The Gangotri glacier throbs beneath,
My feet, deep and voluminous,
Twisting old mysteries into life.

Huge chunks of ice growl
From below its huge caverns
Feeding a wish-fulfilling Gomukh.

A throbbing silence penetrates
Time without beginning and
Echoes incomprehensible eternity.

Reflected in Tapovan’s emerald blue waters
The caves of Indian hermits are now quiet
As thoughts of some rarified beings

The terra firma, more like a lunar world,
Shapes strange images of the unfamiliar,
Overwhelming the senses.

Crowned with sharp white snow
Shivling’s bewitching divinity lingers
In a translucent darkness

If you were to wait here any longer
You might lose the desire
For human company altogether.


Anonymous said...

Good poem!! I like your poem and also the title of your blogspot.. reminds me of an old novel i read..

Anonymous said...

Well-crafted, intriguing poems. They made good reading.

Anonymous said...

Now the essay on the haiku was great. You four haiku were smooth and chiselled.