Sunday, May 13, 2007

Takiyama Mountains

The night breathes quietly
The Takiyama Mountains
Elbow a hush
Into the valley below
Crickets chirp
A rising colonnade of history
The impenetrable castle
A powerful daimyo
Pushing for control
The Honmaru embankment
Still holding together

Thoughts get startled
By the zoom of a scooter,
The thud of an object,
In the apartment building
Across the road
The thump of a door,
In the neighborhood,
An accelerating car
Jumping a traffic light
Near the Hiyodoriama Tunnel

The Orion constellation
Light up the sumi-colored night
And there is a distinct
Smell of perfume that
I can recognize
As the door of a car closes
With a thump and then the
Cloperty clop clop
Cloperty clop clop
Of a woman in high heels
Put me to sleep

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