Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seikyo Culture Seminar at Tochigi

Mukesh Williams's speech covered in Seikyo Newpaper.

Seikyo Culture Seminar at Tochigi
Lecture delivered by Dr. Mukesh Williams, Soka University
The Seikyo Cultural Seminar was held at Tochigi Peace culture center on the 7th of February. After greetings by Mr. Narumi, head of Tochigi's branch of the Seikyo Press, Dr. Mukesh Williams of Soka University delivered a lecture on the theme "The History of the Friendship between India and Japan" (photo)
Dr. Williams remarked that President Ikeda is greatly respected within the Indian society. He concluded that the efforts of President Ikeda in bringing hope and imparting courage to the common people is respected the same way in which great historical figures such as Gautam Buddha, King Asoka and Mahatma Gandhi are. Further he mentioned that the Buddhist belief that Karma can indeed be changed has gained a lot of interest among the well-informed people. In closing, there were greetings by Dr. Masami Kita of Soka University and others.

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