Monday, July 27, 2009

Japan and Intellectual Property Rights

My 17th July lecture entitled "Japan and Developing Nations: Expanding and Redefining Trade and IPR Safeguards" is now on the UCIP homepage at the follwing web address
They have translated the speech from English into Japanese. So the homepage contains both my English text, my Japanese synopsis and their Japanese translation of the entire speech. The speech was well received and had many positive responses. UCIP was quite happy with it. Many Japanese business professionals, university experts and my students from Soka and Keio attended. Here is a synopsis in English and Japanese:

Japan and Developing Nations:
Expanding and Redefining Trade and IPR Safeguards

Mukesh Williams

Abstract in English

In the last 15 years trade amongst countries in Asia has increased generating issues related to non-tariff barriers and protection of intellectual property rights. Developed countries doing business with developing countries find themselves at a disadvantage when dealing with a weak civil society, lack of awareness of IPR culture and cumbersome administrative and legal process in developing countries. At the same time developing countries find the exorbitant price of IPR goods beyond their reach. There is a strong need to expand and redefine IPR rules to make them flexible to benefit everyone and not just big corporations from the developed world. As a developed nation Japan wants to do business with developing countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Thailand and at the same time protect IPR with strong redress systems. Japan must use the business and academic machineries in its own country and Asia to generate more egalitarian IPR awareness and negotiate IPR treaties that can protect business and the poor and create a win-win situation for all. In 2008, Japan’s trade with India was 5 billion yen while that with Vietnam 1.45 trillion yen, Thailand more than 2.8 trillion and with China 25.7 trillion yen. There are great possibilities to explore in the domain of trade and IPR with India, Vietnam and Thailand in the near future.

Abstract in Japanese 



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