Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Representing India

Conceive her in any way you wish to
In any language you want to,
You may choose Persian, Arabic or
Any of the modern European languages
To locate the hypostasis of Al Hind, Hindustan, or India,
You may dig into its geological, linguistic or technological warrens
And come up with religious conflict, squalor and disease,

You may as an Indian envision her
As an iconographic matryabhumi,
Mythologize her to serve a nationalist cause,
Even transform her into a male entity of King Bharata
And call her Bharatvarsha
Or eulogize her rectitude and aesthetic
Through the lyrics of Tarana-e-Hind,

You may imagine her as Mother India or Mother Teresa,
Privileging social justice over family revenge,
Serving irrefragable bahujan hitye,
You may try to contain her
Through your imagination, literatures,
Myths, celluloid representation, but
India will always have something more to prefigure.

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RJ said...

nice one! keep it up.