Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some General Terms Used in Technical Research

Complete Guide to Size Specification and Technical Design: SpiralTechnical Research

The term technical research usually refers to applied research in the engineering disciplines and attempts to develop tools and procedures to measure or test equipment. Technical research also provides solutions to technical problems.

Technical Report
A technical report is a document which objectively records the procedures adopted and results obtained after a scientific or technical investigation (experiment) has been completed.

Technical Proposal
A technical proposal states clearly the requirements of a project or a contract, the plan of its completion in stages, and the approach taken.

Technical Standard
There is a technical standard set for technical research which involves a formal and concise statement of specifications and scientific observation of results.

Technical Specifications
Technical specifications involve a precise statement of the needs to be addressed or essential requirements of an instrument (materials, methods and process used; service, system and work required). The specifications are usually written in a scientific and precise manner for all parties to understand and evaluate. Specifications are usually divided into two categories:
1) Performance specifications such as conformance to a specified range such as range of room temperature
2) Technical specifications which clarifies the level of performance of each unit. This is further subdivided into: a) unit boundaries, parameters and tolerance (level of departure from its nominal value); b) quality level of each unit; c) acceptable statistical distribution ( mean deviation and standard deviation).

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